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Make Use of Our Pro Bono Legal Support

Pro Bono Publico (For the Good of the Public)

Any lawyer worth his or her salt knows that a dedication to public service is the most important aspect of becoming a good attorney! Maryland Austin embodies this principal and devotes her time to taking on the cases of those who can't afford to pay for a proper legal counsel.

Comprehensive Legal Support

With the help of the Southern Indiana Legal Services Organization, Ms. Austin takes referrals and defends those who otherwise could not afford help.

Discuss Your Case With Us

If you are in the midst of a serious legal situation and believe that you won't be able to afford proper legal help, contact:

1. Legal Services Organization of Indiana, Inc.
3303 Plaza Drive
New Albany, IN 47150
1-800-892-2776 or 812-945-4123
2. Southern Indiana
Pro Bono Referrals
Or apply online
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Hire a Compassionate Attorney

If you are able to qualify for these programs under the Legal Services Organization financial guidelines, they can provide you with the legal help you need or refer you to a cooperating lawyer (like Maryland Austin) who will take on your case free of charge.
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